Structure of the online platform

The online platform is structured into the indicator set of the German Sustainable Development Strategy (DNS) and the indicator set for Germany on the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. The German Sustainable Development Strategy is the national implementation of the 2030 Agenda, which is why related indicators from both strategies are linked to each other on the platform. You can find a direct link to the homepage of the SDG online platform under "Start".

The DNS online platform is divided into 17 goals, 41 postulates and the corresponding indicators (75).

Presentation of the indicators

The relevant data for each indicator is presented in a chart and a table. This presentation is supplemented for some indicators by an interactive map showing the data for the German federal states. In addition, "Additional information" on the indicator are compiled in a PDF document.
The green buttons underneath the chart can be used to download the data in CSV format or the chart as a PNG file.

Content and progress, status overview and data sources

The "Content and progress", "Status overview" and "Data sources" tabs can be found at the bottom of the indicator pages.

The "Content and progress" tab contains a detailed description of the indicator, which is based on the latest published indicator report (see PDF file under "Topics → DNS: German Sustainable Development Strategy (DNS) → Publications"). It describes what the indicator shows and what conclusions can be drawn from its values and their changes. In addition, the development of the indicator over time is described and placed in a statistical context.

As means of providing at-a-glance information on the status of the sustainability indicators, every indicator is assigned, if calculable, one of four "weather symbols" in the report. This symbol is neither a political appraisal nor a forecast. Instead, the symbols provide a first impression of developments but do not replace a study of the explanatory texts, further analyses and background information. The manner in which the symbols are assigned to the individual indicators depends on the formulation of the respective target.

Under "Data sources" you will find links to the organisation or organisations that provided the data for the time series and - where possible - links directly to the specific data sources.

Comparison of DNS and SDG indicators

There are numerous thematic overlaps between the indicators of the German Sustainable Development Strategy and the indicators of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Some of the SDG indicators are similar or congruent with the indicators of the German Sustainable Development Strategy. Both sets of indicators are structured according to the 17 goals of the UN 2030 Agenda. However, there are differences in the numbering and labelling of the indicators. If a DNS indicator is comparable with an SDG indicator, this is indicated by a button with a direct link to the respective indicator.