Figure 1: WISTA
Fig. 1: WISTA

New Edition of the German Sustainable Development Strategy

Extract from the publication „WISTA - Wirtschaft und Statistik“, 1/2017

On January 11, 2017, the German Federal Cabinet approved the new edition of the German Sustainable Development Strategy. This revision represents the most comprehensive further development of the strategy since its conception in 2002 and is in line with the United Nations' 2030 Agenda. In this context, the new edition is the essential framework for the national implementation of the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Federal Statistical Office has been commissioned by the German government to analyze and monitor the Sustainable Development Strategy since 2006. It produces the indicators that measure the achievement of the goals in the individual thematic areas and publishes so-called indicator reports every two years.

Figure 2: Feasibility study
Fig. 2: Feasibility study

Feasibility study on the presentation of the indicators of the German Sustainable Development Strategy by federal states (only available in German)

In addition to the federal government, the majority of the German states have their own Sustainable Development Strategies. Some state governments have already aligned these with the 17 global sustainable developent goals of the 2030 Agenda; in other states, there are efforts to adapt or develop a state-specific Sustainable Development Strategy.

The heads of the state and senate chancelleries of the Federation and the Länder (CdS) have decided to develop uniform indicators and evaluation standards for the Federal Government and the Länder for monitoring the success of the DNS. The Federal Statistical Office was asked by the Bund Länder Erfahrungsaustausch Nachhaltigkeit (BLE NH) - a body of the federal and state departments responsible for sustainability - to provide an overview for presenting the indicators of the DNS by federal state. The feasibility study presented here corresponds to the advanced overview.

Figure 3: Special evaluation by territorial status
Fig. 3: Special evaluation by territorial status

Special evaluation for selected indicators by territorial status (only available in German)

Publication of selected indicators by territorial status: New Länder with Berlin, New Länder without Berlin, Former Federal Territory.